Carmanah Solar Helipad Kit


Carmanah Technologies introduces the Solar-Powered Helipad Kit. It’s the first comprehensive and configurable, stand-alone wireless helipad light and visual navigational aid system.

The Helipad Kit features Carmanah wireless solar engine power systems, visual navigation aids and Carmanah wireless solar-powered airfield lighting technology. Wireless, completely off-grid, and customizable, the Helipad Kit is the ideal total helipad safety improvement system for locations where grid power is difficult, costly or time-intensive to access.


The Carmanah Helipad Kit consists of everything needed to improve the safety and visibility of virtually any size of ground, rooftop, offshore or remote helipad, including: wirelessly controlled solar-powered perimeter lights, approach lights, ID and obstruction beacons, floodlights, wind cone, directional signs, wireless hand-held controllers and all of the mounting and deploying hardware required therein. In addition, helipad operation training, system maintenance training, and system install training can be provided if required.

Unprecedented reliability: microprocessor Energy Management System (EMS) monitors and adapts the brightness to environmental conditions for consistent operation and long life under the toughest conditions.